Mechanical Sand Filters Can Be Harmful For Your Fish Pond

The main objective of a natural pond filter, in virtually any fish pond is removing ammonia that is usually extremely poisonous to pond fish along with other aquatic pond life. The natural process accountable for dethatching ammonia is referred to as the Nitrification progression and is incredibly significant in case you wish to have a good ecosystem, ideal for aquatic life to flourish in. The secondary feature of any biofilter is usually to mechanically individual leaves along with other organic material from the pond water. I’ve written the article in the hope it is going to help to spotlight the failings in the opinion of mine of utilizing a physical sand filtration system in any sort of garden pond.

Why Are Sand Filters Bad For A Garden Pond?

Before I talk about the reasons of mine why I feel this particular filtration structure does not have any place in a garden pond, I’d promptly love to add that I’m talking about a physical sand filtration system instead of a fluidized sand filter that is created for pond use. Ammonia occurs in most fish ponds where there’s natural activity like fish feeding, rotting vegetation and decomposing aquatic life. It’s essential to remove this deadly chemical quickly.

In order for the transformation of ammonia into nitrite and after that into nitrate to occur, some key elements have to get met: There should be an ample source of oxygen streaming through the pond bio media; a big colony of Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas essential bacteria have to provide and there should be turbulence, which mixes together water, ammonia and oxygen to accelerate the description of ammonia.

Drawbacks associated with a Mechanical Sand Filter:

* It simply carries a minimal surface area where nitrifying bacteria are able to colonize.

* This kind of purification process promotes the increase of unwanted heterotrophic bacteria which is harmful for pond water quality, unlike nitrifying bacteria which is essential. In case you allow heterotrophic bacteria to produce in the pond of yours you are going to see a few unpleasant outcomes, like the generation of hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell), ammonia & carbon dioxide. Let us think about which! We’re employing a sand filter to get rid of ammonia though it creates ammonia.